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Truck Wheel Lock Clamp

Anti-Theft Wheel Lock: The car boot is made of high-quality heavy-duty steel and covered by rust-resistant coating. The trailer boot wheel lock also can resist prying, saw, hammer and freon attacks. And our boot tire claw is equipped with a soft PVC coating arm to protect the wheel finish.

Wheel Lock Clamp Specification: Pack of 2, The parking car tire claw is 12 (diameter) x 28 (length) inches in size; The claw mouth can be adjusted to 3.6"-15.3"; which fits most vehicles with a tire radius of less than 30.7 inches and a tire width of less than 11 inches.

Trailer boot wheel lock is Easy To Install: Our car boot for tires comes with 2 keys and you just need to do is to gently push down the key hole for locking it up, and please make the top part of the key confront the corner when you unlock it. Add extra protection to your car in less than a minute.

Comfortable Use: The foam wrapped handles of the adjustable tire boot lock offer more comfortable use. The rubber ring around the suction cup and the protective rubber stuck inside the anti-theft wheel clamp protect the tires from scratches.

Price: $69.98

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