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Ultimate Car Kit Diesel (Brake Fluid Tester Pen, GPS Tracker, FuelSaver, Performance Chip Diesel, Dual Dash Cam)

Brake Fluid Tester Pen: Scope of Application: Automotive Brake Fluid Detector is common fit for most vehicle. Check the health status of DOT-3, DOT-4, DOT-5.1 brake fluid and also most synthetic brake fluids. It's extremly convenient for personal use and broadly applied in individual workshops, repair factories and dealer workshops.

GPS Tracker : Vehicle GPS Tracker with Secure Magnetic Attachment: This compact GPS tracker features a sturdy magnetic design, enabling it to attach securely to vehicles. Its discreet size and strong magnetic strength make it an optimal choice for inconspicuous placement.

Fuel Saver: OBD2 protocol adjusts to fit your car according to the habit of drivers, remapping the ECU, improving engine performance and saving energy

Performance Chip Diesel : A Plug & Drive Ready device to increasing the performance of engine for Diesel Cars

Dual Dash Cam:Real Ultra 4K+1080P Front and Rear Dash Cam: (64GB TF card included). Featuring two high-quality cameras with 160° wide angle recording at the same time to cover the front and back of your car. The front camera can record 4K ultra HD videos capturing a super clear view front of the car, rear camera record 1080P HD video to make sure you can get the car license plate if you are rear-ended accidentally.

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